Thursday, 10 April 2014

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

living springs camp photos

                                This me holding rusted iron that I found on a wall.

            And this is me doing archery in the woods and I just let the arrow go in the

Tuesday, 8 April 2014


                            WALT: Write a chain poem about our camp experiences

                                  Living springs CAMP with hidden experiences,
                                       Thrilling ARCHERY fastened in my head.
                                                          BOW gripped in my left hand,
                         The multicoloured TARGET quivering in my vision.
                     Distressed about the DISTANCE
                              Engaging my STRENGTH to the bowstring
                                                   STRUGGLING when to let go,
                                                        RELIEF striking the target.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014


                                      Choose your culture,treat it
                                       four ways.

             We are learning about the elements and techniques of painting. 
                 We are able to share our cultural identities through the arts.

1. For my culture I chose China because my mum from China and so is my family. I researched icons to help me chose, then finally I chose the panda.

2. Then we learnt about Andy Warhol's famous art. Since Andy did pop art, we (Room11) chose to do pop art as well. I liked what Andy said, he said "The rules of art are made to be broken.

3. To help us chose colours for our painting we used the colour wheel, we also used different techniques for our painting like:

*Primary colours- Red, yellow and blue.

*Secondary colours- You need to mix primary colours to get secondary.

*Complementary colours- Colours that are opposite each other and look good with each other.

*Analagous colours- Three colours that are beside each other on the colour wheel, and one is the main colour.

*Monochrome colours- Different shades of one colour.

For my choses of colour techniques I chose:

* Complementary-Red and green. 

* Analagous-Green, yellow and blue. 

* Black and white. 

* Monochrome-Green

I have done well with painting and has severel elements and techniques.

From Victor.