Sunday, 28 February 2016

Merit evidence: Multicultural assembly

Can do
On Thursday the 25th of February we had a multicultural assembly which was run by Honor and I who are the cultural ambassadors for 2016, the assembly was awesome we has lots of different people from different cultures who preform, they preformed Taikwondo(Korean martial arts), dancing and lots of other things! My favourite thing was running the assembly with Honor because it was fun and also it's not something you do all the time! At the assembly the leadership trait I showed was goal focuses be cause I had to focus on my job otherwise I might muck up the assembly and everything would be out of order.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Leadership Training week 2/3

WAL: about to describe the traits of an effective leader.

These two weeks we have been learning about 6 traits that a effective leader has to be a good role model. 
The six traits are: 
Integrity. A honest person and uses their morals.
Trustworthy. Means that other people can trust you and they have your trust.
Resilient . Someone who doesn't give up and carrys on even when the job gets tough.
Active Thinker. Someone who uses their brain to conquer all sorts of challenges
Goal Focused. A person who works towards their goal and doesn't think about other things.
Motivational. Someone who inspires other people to do things to become a better person.

Our class also came up with a quote that sums up all these traits: 'leadership is a skill of motivating people/team to achieve a goal..

We also have been reading books with leaders who show these traits, we had to write down how they showed these traits, here is one of my sheets: this one is about how Sir Edmund Hilary showed leadership when he was in the Mountains.

Monday, 22 February 2016

Merit evidence: Gardening club

Merit Evidence 
Can do
Last week on Thursday I did Gardening club, We were starting to create our model for the competition, this session we were stuffing Scarecrows with straw, I had to show resilience because it was really hard to stuff the straw all the way down to the bottom of the Scarecrow because The straw was wet and it was really prickly, So then after I got dozens of scratches we got the little kids to help to get the dry straw. After we finally finished stuffing the scarecrows the bell rang and we then we went back to class.