Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Te reo

WALT: read the weather report in Maori.
This is my weather report. This is my improved version 
My next step is to know the places better.

Learner licences

WALT: keep on task and focus on our work.
This is the learning licences you can earn in the class. The top one is the Mobile Learner License(MLL), which means go any where in the school to get your work done, but you need to have permission. The next one is the Independent Learner Licence(ILL),this is where everyone starts at, it means you can work anywhere in the class you want. Next is is the Regulated Learner Licence(RLL), this one means you have to work where the teacher has told you to work. The last one is Teacher, this means you have to work right next to the teacher and move to where the teacher is if they move. You can move up the stages by proving yourself. Right now I am at ILL, independent learner licence, I am there because I have been good enough to stay right there for the whole time.
My next step is to move up to Mobile Learner Licence and not move down.

Measurement work

WALT: Find the missing length in right-angle triangle(using Pythagoras)
This is my Pythagoras work. I got the questions out of a maths test book. After that we go on IXL maths and do the activitie related to the goal. (Here's the link to IXL https://nz.ixl.com) Once we mastered the IXL skill we are finished learning the goal.
My next goal is to answer the question more quicker.

Careers board

WALT: Explain about a chosen career and write the career pathway.
This is my careers board. We have to explain all about our chosen careers, the careers I choose is a General Practitioner, General Practitioners treat people's medical problems and injuries.
My next step is complete my work faster and find information quicker.

Monday, 29 June 2015

Reading Assessment

WALT: Explore author's purpose a question intent.
This is my last weeks reading assessment, first we read the writing, then I answered the questions on the back of the page. The one on the left is just a poster but we still have to answer question about the poster.
My next step is to find hidden meanings in the text quicker.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Times Tables challenge

WALT:Do our times tables fast.

This is my 2x tables.

Careers Writing

WALT: write an explanation about a chosen career.

This my careers pathway writing. First we planed out our writing and also chose what job to write about. Next we draft the pathway how to get the job then we edit. After that we publish it on Google docs then we share it with the teacher. This my draft.
My next step is to add more detail and find it faster.


WALT: To find the authors purpose in a article or story.
This my week reading activities. On the top left is my prediction sheet , the name kind of explains how to do it, you fill it in before you read the story or article. Next to that is the vocabulary sheet were you have to put in the technical words or words that you not share what it means, then make a sentence out with the word in it. Beneath that are assessments that the teacher checks so they know if we have achieved our reading goal. On the right page, at the top is my must do activities. The activities are online, one of them are from dogonews and the other one is from K12 reader(comprehension). Under that is a after activate, were you have to fill in when once done reading the story or article.
My next step is to get my to get my activities done faster.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Merit evidence: Kapa Haka

Friday 12th June 2015
Can Do

Today after my class's Te Reo lesson in the hall, the people who did Kapa Haka(Maori dance) which included me, stayed behind in the hall. We got into our lines, then Matua(Teacher) Rihari told us to stand up where we were, he told us we're going to sing He Honore. Once we sung the song Mrs Baker told the boys to get on the stage to get into our performance lines, after everyone got into their lines we prepared to sing Whakate hoe which is one of the song I can't remember, we started singing and the teachers stopped us few times to correct us with something. after a few more practices with our eyes closed I FINALLY remembered some of the song better. When we finished practicing the song the teachers talked to each other quietly. I had thought we had to improve something. But the teachers started handing out lollypops to the boys. Unfortunately the teachers ran out of lollypops so they said they will hand them out next week to the girls.

When I got the lollypop, and said thank you I hoped off the stage and then went to put on my shoes. When I walked out of the hall I had a big grin on my face because I guess all the singing really paid of! This was probably the best session of Kapa Haka. 


WALT: coverting whole numbers into fractions, decimals and percentages.

This is my work in my math book. The teacher taught us how to do the strategies. We got the questions from a exercise book. Once were done we marked the work. This is my work.

My next step is to teacher others how to do this strategie.


WALT: Write a infomation report

This my infomation report about the Bayonet, our class had a choice of what subject to write about something from Anzac, we had the choice of to write about a weapon, person or a place that was related to Anzac. So I chose the Bayonet to write about. This is my draft.

My next step is to find information quicker so I can finish faster.

Te Reo

WALT: read the weather report in Maori.
This my weather report, it is in Maori. Our subject in Te Reo is the weather, this is one of our self directed learning tasks we had to do.

My next step is to speak it fluently.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Merit evidence: Peer mediation

Thursday 11 June 2015

At lunch time today, when I sat down with Dylan for lunch, we started talking and then we remembered that we had our Peer Mediation duty with Ryan in our group. Our duty starts at 01:15.

We played for awhile then it was time to go get our Peer mediation gear, I went off to room 25 or 24.(I still cant tell which is which!:P) Once I got my Peer mediation jacket I went into the Tech Hub to search for an Ipad but I couldn't find one, then Dylan and Ryan came in, so I asked them where one was then Dylan found one. So we headed back out to the field to (hopefully) sort out some problems. We started by walking slowly around the field we circled around the field once, so we decided to go around again then we (FINALLY) bumped into a problem. But when we got there it was just some little girls getting angry at some boys for jumping on their leaf pile!! I really didn't want to attend this problem but it was my job, so we tried to have a mediation but the boys ran away from us and the girls started throwing leaves at each other. Then they started throwing the leaves at US when the bell went!! So I took some photos of them for some evidence.

After we got the girls to stop and go back to class, Dylan, Ryan and I went back to send our gear back, when we put our gear back I saw Miss O'Conner walking past so I showed her the photos I took of the little girls because she's the leader of the Peer mediation, when she saw the photos she said she would sort it out. 

Well today's duty was very weird. I hope that our group doesn't experience that again.  Here is some apology letters from the girls we received a day later!

Wednesday, 10 June 2015


WALT: explore the authors purpose
This my weeks reading, we read "watch for edge slumps." On the top left on the left page is the prediction sheet which you fill in before you read the story assigned to your group. Next to that is 
the vocabulary sheet, to fill it in you write a word that you don't know of or a technical word, then you use the word in a sentence. Underneath those sheets are my teacher activity, I have to make up a storie of a chosen New Zealand road sign. On the top of the right page is the 'Must dos'. This weeks Must dos are to read the Dogo news article and a word comprehension sheet. Underneath that is a follow up activatie for the storie we read.

My next step is to get more detail for the must do article.