Thursday, 11 June 2015

Merit evidence: Peer mediation

Thursday 11 June 2015

At lunch time today, when I sat down with Dylan for lunch, we started talking and then we remembered that we had our Peer Mediation duty with Ryan in our group. Our duty starts at 01:15.

We played for awhile then it was time to go get our Peer mediation gear, I went off to room 25 or 24.(I still cant tell which is which!:P) Once I got my Peer mediation jacket I went into the Tech Hub to search for an Ipad but I couldn't find one, then Dylan and Ryan came in, so I asked them where one was then Dylan found one. So we headed back out to the field to (hopefully) sort out some problems. We started by walking slowly around the field we circled around the field once, so we decided to go around again then we (FINALLY) bumped into a problem. But when we got there it was just some little girls getting angry at some boys for jumping on their leaf pile!! I really didn't want to attend this problem but it was my job, so we tried to have a mediation but the boys ran away from us and the girls started throwing leaves at each other. Then they started throwing the leaves at US when the bell went!! So I took some photos of them for some evidence.

After we got the girls to stop and go back to class, Dylan, Ryan and I went back to send our gear back, when we put our gear back I saw Miss O'Conner walking past so I showed her the photos I took of the little girls because she's the leader of the Peer mediation, when she saw the photos she said she would sort it out. 

Well today's duty was very weird. I hope that our group doesn't experience that again.  Here is some apology letters from the girls we received a day later!

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