Friday, 24 October 2014

100 word challenge wk 8


DSCF3964 Week#8

Many centuries ago a greek scholar. Whom nobody ever listened to or liked. So he ascended Mt Olympus on a stormy day. Eventually he found a room were Zeus lived, the man asked Zeus for his golden cloak for fame. Zeus handed him the cloak without doubt. When he reached the town he put the cloak on, he attracted everyone's attention. He arrived at the middle of the town.

Out of nowhere he shouted, "All must obey me or I shall summon Hades!" 

Everyone in the the town gasped and then panicked. Smoke surrounded the, he  turned into a statue.............. Hades had been planning for this all along.

Friday, 17 October 2014

100 Word Challenge Week 7

 Prompt...I could not believe the smell...

The time I walked into the bright room, I was surprised by the amount of food on the table, there were two whole roasted chickens, four plates of lasagna and two jugs of fresh lemonade. 

Then all of a sudden the wind blew through the window, I could not believe the smell of the feast, my mouth was watering, the feel is like heaven. I pounced at the food, but as soon as I toke  a chicken leg the world around me started to fade away, I then realised it was all silly old dream.