Friday, 28 August 2015

Discovery, Wk 5 Term 3

WALT: Define what company is better, Apple or Samsung.
This is my groups Google slide for our project, first we had to make a solo matrix for our project, then we had to show the teacher the solo matrix. After that we had to create questions to get us to the highest level in our solo matrix which is extended abstract, then we had to make a Google slide.

Writing, Speech Wk5/6 Term 3

WALT: create a persuasive speech and present it.
This is the draft of my argument, I chose to argue that houses are overpriced. I chose this because I can related to this so I chose this. After we wrote our draft we had to publish it on Google Docs, and then we had to print it out, then make cue cards so we can get ready to present it in front of the class. I managed to finish mine, and I think that I did really good.
My next step is to practice more so I won't be nervous when I present, also maybe include more strong key information.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Te reo (Maori)

WALT: say our favourite sport in Maori.
This is the list of sports in Maori, we got this sheet from the teachers in Te reo time, the writing that's in blue pen translated into English is, 'My favourite sport is...'. My next step is to say the phrase off by heart.

Maths, Wk 5 Term 3

Walt: explain the meanin of negative numbers.
This is my negative numbers work, it is from the bottom left to the right. We got the questions from a text book. My next goal is to solve problems using fractions.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Leadership goal for term 3

My term 3 goal is to achieve my Merit badge for leadership. To achieve this you need to: Participate in all of the Must dos, must dos are being a role model and important things. Next is to participate in 2 areas which is peer mediation, PALS or Kapa Haka and so on, You also need to blog about 5 of the must do areas and can do areas, finally is to complete 4 Home leading challenges. I have only got 1 more home learning challenges to get my badge.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Merit Evidence: Technology/Bus

Tuesday 11th August 2015
Must do

Today I just got to school on time to catch the bus to Lincon tech, when I got to the class we did the roll so the teachers know if we're at school, when we got on the buses I sat next to Joseph B, on the way to tech I talked to Joseph about the talent show and what he was going to do for it, after a while we had arrived at Lincon, so we all headed to our classes (mine is sewing/textiles), when I got to the class we just went in and started on our projects, I was working on a Hacky Sack, after I had finished the whole entire class had to start packing up, once everyone had finished cleaning, Mrs Paterson told us to stand next to our desks. Once everyone stood next to their desks, Mrs P handed out spot prizes which is a lollie. After a little think, Mrs P gave me one and to some other people, then we all got our bags and went to the bus, I got there last because I was on the other end of the school. So I just sat down next to Dominic and Reuben, and I just talked to them about what I made a some other things.


Merit Evidence: Full School Assembly

Monday 10th August 2015
Must do

Today we had an full school assembly in the afternoon, when we went the YR 7&8s sat on the chairs(which includes me), after being told to sit up straight and be quiet by the teachers the assembly finally started. Then Rm1 and 2 who hosted assembly invited the teachers to hand out certificates and talk about notices. I showed leadership in the assembly by sitting respectfully and I clapped when I meant to, also I didn't talk in the assembly.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Merit Evidence: Technology/Bus

Tuesday 4th August 2015
Must Do

Today I got to School at 8:25 so I wouldn't miss the bus for Technology, when I got into the class I sat down on the mat to do the roll. After that we got onto our specific buses to go to tech. I sat next to Alex on the way to Tech, I only talked to him, so the bus noise level won't be loud so the bus driver can concentrate on driving. When we arrived at Lincoln we went to our classes, my one is sewing/textiles. When we got into class we set up our machines and tested them, then we continued to finish off our projects, I was finishing off a frisbee filled with wheat. Awhile later I had finished the project, so I decided to make a little cushion, while I was finding the right things Ye-Joon came and asked me to help him so I happily did, after a while I had finished my cushion, then it was time to go back to School,(Oaklands) so we hopped on our buses to get ready, I sat at the back next to Scott who gave Skittles, I thanked him and asked why did he bring them, he said "The cooking Tech class had a Cupcake challenge, so we got to bring lollies to decorate them!" After talking with Scott and some others next to me, we finally reached School!!


Merit Evidence: Kauri Assembly

Friday 3rd August 2015
Must Do

Today we had Kauri Team Assembly, it was hosted by RM 11, it was a normal Assembly, but the challenge was VERY different from the other ones. Because the challenge went on all through the Assembly, the challenge was to see who could stand on one leg for the longest. It went on until the end of the Assembly and there was still two people standing, so they called it a tie. I showed leadership in the Assembly beacuse.. 1. I sat quietly(I even got a Pozi) and 2. I had a go at answering questions.