Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Merit Evidence: Technology/Bus

Tuesday 11th August 2015
Must do

Today I just got to school on time to catch the bus to Lincon tech, when I got to the class we did the roll so the teachers know if we're at school, when we got on the buses I sat next to Joseph B, on the way to tech I talked to Joseph about the talent show and what he was going to do for it, after a while we had arrived at Lincon, so we all headed to our classes (mine is sewing/textiles), when I got to the class we just went in and started on our projects, I was working on a Hacky Sack, after I had finished the whole entire class had to start packing up, once everyone had finished cleaning, Mrs Paterson told us to stand next to our desks. Once everyone stood next to their desks, Mrs P handed out spot prizes which is a lollie. After a little think, Mrs P gave me one and to some other people, then we all got our bags and went to the bus, I got there last because I was on the other end of the school. So I just sat down next to Dominic and Reuben, and I just talked to them about what I made a some other things.


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