Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Merit Evidence: Technology/Bus

Tuesday 4th August 2015
Must Do

Today I got to School at 8:25 so I wouldn't miss the bus for Technology, when I got into the class I sat down on the mat to do the roll. After that we got onto our specific buses to go to tech. I sat next to Alex on the way to Tech, I only talked to him, so the bus noise level won't be loud so the bus driver can concentrate on driving. When we arrived at Lincoln we went to our classes, my one is sewing/textiles. When we got into class we set up our machines and tested them, then we continued to finish off our projects, I was finishing off a frisbee filled with wheat. Awhile later I had finished the project, so I decided to make a little cushion, while I was finding the right things Ye-Joon came and asked me to help him so I happily did, after a while I had finished my cushion, then it was time to go back to School,(Oaklands) so we hopped on our buses to get ready, I sat at the back next to Scott who gave Skittles, I thanked him and asked why did he bring them, he said "The cooking Tech class had a Cupcake challenge, so we got to bring lollies to decorate them!" After talking with Scott and some others next to me, we finally reached School!!


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