Friday, 19 June 2015


WALT: To find the authors purpose in a article or story.
This my week reading activities. On the top left is my prediction sheet , the name kind of explains how to do it, you fill it in before you read the story or article. Next to that is the vocabulary sheet were you have to put in the technical words or words that you not share what it means, then make a sentence out with the word in it. Beneath that are assessments that the teacher checks so they know if we have achieved our reading goal. On the right page, at the top is my must do activities. The activities are online, one of them are from dogonews and the other one is from K12 reader(comprehension). Under that is a after activate, were you have to fill in when once done reading the story or article.
My next step is to get my to get my activities done faster.

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