Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Learner licences

WALT: keep on task and focus on our work.
This is the learning licences you can earn in the class. The top one is the Mobile Learner License(MLL), which means go any where in the school to get your work done, but you need to have permission. The next one is the Independent Learner Licence(ILL),this is where everyone starts at, it means you can work anywhere in the class you want. Next is is the Regulated Learner Licence(RLL), this one means you have to work where the teacher has told you to work. The last one is Teacher, this means you have to work right next to the teacher and move to where the teacher is if they move. You can move up the stages by proving yourself. Right now I am at ILL, independent learner licence, I am there because I have been good enough to stay right there for the whole time.
My next step is to move up to Mobile Learner Licence and not move down.

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