Thursday, 25 February 2016

Leadership Training week 2/3

WAL: about to describe the traits of an effective leader.

These two weeks we have been learning about 6 traits that a effective leader has to be a good role model. 
The six traits are: 
Integrity. A honest person and uses their morals.
Trustworthy. Means that other people can trust you and they have your trust.
Resilient . Someone who doesn't give up and carrys on even when the job gets tough.
Active Thinker. Someone who uses their brain to conquer all sorts of challenges
Goal Focused. A person who works towards their goal and doesn't think about other things.
Motivational. Someone who inspires other people to do things to become a better person.

Our class also came up with a quote that sums up all these traits: 'leadership is a skill of motivating people/team to achieve a goal..

We also have been reading books with leaders who show these traits, we had to write down how they showed these traits, here is one of my sheets: this one is about how Sir Edmund Hilary showed leadership when he was in the Mountains.

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