Wednesday, 12 November 2014

50th jubliee writing

On Labour Weekend, 2014, Oaklands School had their 50th Jubilee.At the Jubilee we had a production called “WHO CARES, WE DO” and also the music room has an archive display with all the school’s memories and photos, there was also a Jubilee cake.

The school has changed a lot since 1964; in 1964 there were 240 students approximately, 9 staff and 7 classes, but now we have 580 students, 27 teaching staff and 25 classes .

In the next 50 years I think the school will have more play space and more buildings e.g a science room, and the school might also get more land, the books will be holograms instead of paper and there will be information helmets that you put on your head then information gets transported to your brain.

I will be 60 in 50 more years time, and I hope the school will be even better than it is now.

When I come back in the next 50 years I think I will remember the teachers I have had in my years at this school because I will remember what they have taught me all the year.

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