Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Merit evidence:PALS

Monday 4 May 2015
Can do.

Today I remembered that I had my PALS duty. I asked Cameron and Dylan if they could help me, because my team members wouldn't want to do it. My friends and I grabbed ourselves each a vest, a whistle. I also grabbed a pile of cones and then we headed out to the field.

When we got out onto the field I started to ask my friends if we should play the game we played at fitness(which I called high five tag). Everybody said yes and so I set up an area with the cones. Once I finished setting the area I asked some kids if they wanted to play. But they were already playing their own game and didn't want to join in. I asked Mr Ladbrook who was on duty if he could ask some kids to play with us . After one minute we had about 5 girls who stared to play, we played Octopus as they asked ,after that we got 3 more boys to join, supposedly Mr Ladbook invited(He also later gave me a CARE tick for thinking up that idea), that's when I started to change the game a bit. When the game got better,more people came.

I looked at the time and there was only five more minutes to the bell so I asked everyone to  play tricky tag, I also got involved. when the bell rang I thanked everyone for coming and quickly gave out posies, and then my friends and I packed up.

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