Friday, 24 April 2015

Merit Evidence: kapa Haka

Thursday 23 April 2015
Can do.
Today my class, room 26 all decided if we still wanted to do Kapa Haka(dance), and I decided to still do Kapa Haka(dance) but I stayed in the participation group, which means you are still learning the actions or songs, and is not preforming, their just learning.
When me and my friends walked over to the hall where we do Kapa Haka, well now its basically an Whare. When we got inside we sat down, after about 2 minutes Matua(teacher)  Rihari lead us in two song or other-wise in maori, waiata. After that Mr Brown took the boys into the hall foyer to teach us the HAKA! When everyone got inside the hall foyer Mr Brown started to teach us the words, the words were really hard and I got muddled up sometimes but when we learnt the actions to go along with the words I start to get better. But then I got muddled up on the ACTIONS!!
When the bell went off to signal that morning tea has began Mr Brown let us go to morning tea. when I got my morning tea I started to practice the actions of the Haka but then all of sudden I forgot the words. Oh well maybe next week. :}                                                                      

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