Thursday, 3 March 2016

Merit Evidence: Leadership in the food forest

Must do

Yesterday me and other people worked on the food forest with Mr McAven because at this season that's when most of the flowers seeds come out and the group before us had already took the seeds so now all we have to do is to weed the food forest.

first we had put gloves on so we don't prick our self's.  It was pretty hard to find fitting pair because most of them weren't put together, so after I found a fitting pair I started weeding, it was really frustrating because the bushes were really prickly, after a while I got to use the scissors to cut so it was easier to pull the weeds out, also when I was weeding I found a Praying Mantis and a Snail whilst weeding.

After a while we had finished weed and my fingers were really tired when I pulled them out of the gloves, when I took my gloves of I put the in the box and then Mr McAven asked me to take the box to the shed which happily did so, after that I went to wash my hands and went back to class. I felt really happy because I enjoy gardening.

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